Welcome to Matthew Barrett’s portfolio website. He is a graphic designer studying UX design and writing on the side. Come inside and see a sampling of these three categories.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Graphic Design pamphlet

Matthew works as a graphic designer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. See the work he’s done for them as well as some student work, from booklets, pamphlets, folders, books, infographics, and more.


UX Design Portfolio

Matthew also is studying a Masters of user experience design, which is like web design but deeper and focused more on research and less on visuals. See some of his student work here.


Writing Sage Eyes

In his spare time, Matthew likes writing books, especially fantasy. He also likes reading books. Come read some sample stories and chapters.


Matthew Barrett

Find out more about Matthew and his family, his favorite video games, favorite books, and his favorite colors. You know, important things.