About Matthew Barrett

Matthew Barrett

matthew barrettMatthew Barrett is a graphic designer who graduated from the University of Utah. He is currently working for the LDS church doing graphic design work. In his free time he is also studying for a Masters in User Experience Design from Kent State University. In addition, he is writing a series of fantasy books called Sage Eyes. Not only does he write, but he creates illustrations for it on the side.

He lived in Mexico for two years and speaks fluent Spanish, which then helped him meet his wife, who is from Peru. Together they have young two sons who demand a lot of attention, love, and playfulness. When he has time, he plays video games, reads, and watches Netflix.

Quick fact sheet:

  • Age: Young enough.
  • Favorite Food: Lomo Saltado.
  • Current Game Consoles: PS3, Wii, as well as 2DS.
  • Favorite Games: Final Fantasy 7, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Super Smash Bros.
  • Favorite Television Show: Not really impressed by anything right now, but watches Flash and Once Upon a Time.
  • Operating System: MacOS. His phone uses Android, though.
  • Proficiencies: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects. Also uses Blender 3D, and Scrivener.
  • Favorite Music: Soundtracks from movies like Inception, Interstellar, La La Land, as well as from games like Final Fantasy. Also Piano Guys and Pentatonix.
  • Favorite Movies: Inception, Lord of the Rings, and Les Miserables.
  • Favorite Books: Anything Brandon Sanderson, including The Way of Kings and Mistborn. Also Les Miserables (Abridged).
  • Favorite Color: Green, no, teal, no…Ahh! *Falls into the gorge of eternal peril*
  • Eye color: Blue, no, green, no….Ahh! *Falls into the gorge of eternal peril*
  • Favorite Animal: Dragons. Oh, you want a real animal? Cheetahs, if you must. Dogs also make the best pets.
  • Favorite Mythology: Greek.


Find him on Behance or check out his other website, sage-eyes.com

You can also email him at mathbarrett@gmail.com