As part of my work at the Center for Excellence in Higher Education, one of my projects was to re-envision the website that talks about the Center itself, as the focus is always on the schools, not the umbrella corporation. The old site looked like this:

Previous version of

It was in need of an update, but had been ignored for so long that no one bothered.

I took a look at it and set to work on what the new site needed. I determined that the goals of the redesign would be to:

  • Make it visually attractive
  • Build up the brand image
  • Stay simple and redirect potential students to the school websites
  • Modernize and make it mobile friendly

I also took into account the target audiences:

  • Job applicants, who go through the site to apply for a job
  • Journalists who might be looking for information about the company
  • Potential students who might be doing research

From there, I decided to take existing content, trim it to the essentials, put a focus on the school websites, and use friendlier language. The new site design used imagery, a different color palette, divide the pages into visually different sections, and sport a new logo, using one I created for the meantime. The home page ended up looking like this:

cehe home page

Home page of redesign

History of the schools and organization page

Job openings page

New page that would highlight positive news about CEHE

I felt this new design would help the site, which scared me at first when I applied for a job. Although few will see it, I believe it will positively impact those who do.