This week we had to choose a website to test and then build up three tasks for that test. I think one of the hardest things about this week was actually choosing the website. The demo video we were shown on how to use validately was a little misleading, in that they mentioned having a final page the user had to get to in order to complete the task. But once I got in to validately, I was able to create the tasks pretty easily.

I used as my testing site, and created three tasks for unmoderated remote testing. The first was to see if the participant could find a hotel in Chicago with a pool. The second was to see if they could find a package deal to Miami with both flight and hotel. The third was to find how to sign up for secret deals. After going through other people’s tests, I realized I could have put in some different follow up questions, but for the most part I think it turned out well. Now to collect the data and make a presentation.

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