This week was interesting because we explored something that I had never gone into depth with before, which was eye tracking technology and the results of that, including gaze plots and heat maps. Knowing where your users are looking is useful in knowing what jumps out at them, what interests them, and where they can get lost.

It seems like it has improved a lot, technologically speaking, since its inception, but still feels a little hard to set up. One of the things the readings we had emphasized was that it doesn’t replace actually testing users, it is only a tool that adds to the data and gives a bit more dimension to what’s going on, one that can easily be misinterpreted. That is why it wasn’t recommended for most companies, but if there is a big budget for usability testing, it can compliment the other things that are being measured. I don’t know how much I would recommend using eye tracking, but I can see its benefits.


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