This week we talked about moderating usability tests. Then we actually went through and moderated one that was already planned out, we just needed to find someone to do it with and use our script with them.

Looking back on my performance, I’d say that it was probably average for a first timer. There were some parts that could have gone smoother and I could have asked more follow up questions, but didn’t venture out as much as I could have. But for the most part I was happy with it, I didn’t freeze up like I thought I might have, and I feel that I didn’t lead the participant on.

The part where I struggled was ending a task and transitioning to a new one. I didn’t know how many follow up questions to ask and how to end a task, nor did I know how to end the whole test, other than thank him for his time.

I think I did let him speak and remained unobtrusive, which was pretty important. There were times when I wanted to say something, give a hint, but I held myself back. Overall it was a good learning experience and I think I will get better the more I do it.

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