The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Memory Book

This is a personalized book for dignitaries who have come to Church headquarters to visit and take tours. These people take photos at different sites with their hosts. We then add those photos to a book that gives more detail on the places they visited. Each hardcover book gets printed as a personal copy and sent to the dignitary afterward.
I designed this with the style of one of my other booklets, the Introduction to the Church, in mind. The layouts alternate between a single large photo and a collage of smaller photos. Every page has a place where the photo of the dignitary can go, if they visited that specific location. If they didn’t, then there is a default photo in its stead. I maintain this by adding the photos for each new visit and sending it off to the press for printing. It contains over 50 pages, but some of the pages have no text. I learned more about printing by doing this, which has helped my design skills.

The Memory Book cover

A spread about beliefs in Jesus Christ

A spread about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

A spread about BYU, with the guest in the left photo

A spread about families

A spread with two documents: The Family, A Proclamation to the World, and The Living Christ