The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints New Testament Institute Manual

The Church needed to completely update their New Testament Institute manual, so I worked on finding all the images, laying out each of the 600 pages, and creating diagrams, maps, and illustrations. I worked closely with the writers and editors to lay this out. Each chapter covers a section of the New Testament in the bible, usually ranging about three or four chapters. I had to work creatively to get each page to lay out well, working with the bottom margins, the image placement and size, and the tracking. This project took nearly a year to complete, but I worked on several other projects during the down time.
I learned many things in this process, since it was my first big print project. I learned a lot about typography and page layout, as well as moving projects along at a good pace. My son’s baby photo even made its way into the manual.
New Testament Manual

Manual Cover

A spread with maps

A spread with different sized photos