As part of my freelance work, I created a series of workbooks for Renatus, which advises real estate investors. Each one is around 100 pages long and every page has some design element to keep it from getting stale and to break up the text.

1031 Exchanges

A workbook about using the 1031 exchange tax law to get new property.

1031 cover

Buy and Hold

A workbook about renting out a real estate property.

Buy and hold cover

Managing Property Managers

A workbook about working with property managers to oversee a rental.

Managing Property Managers cover

Due Diligence

A workbook about closing out deals and doing due diligence to avoid problems.

Due Diligence cover

Seller Financed Notes

A workbook about buying notes for properties and making money off of that.

Seller Financed Notes cover

Advanced Note Strategies

A continuation of the seller financed note workbook about dealing with notes.

advanced note strategies