Reminder X: Prototype redesign of the app To-Do Reminder. This is a productivity app that acts as a to do list with notifications to remind the user of the scheduled activities or tasks.

Skills Used: User Interviews, Persona Creation, Wireframes, Paper Prototype Usability Testing

The Problem

In this fictional setup, Reminder X wants to redesign their app so that it stood out from other apps that accomplished much the same thing. In order to do that, they needed a UX designer to get to the root of their problems and find out what users need in a scheduling app, then design it visually and structurally so it gave them the best experience available.

Actions Taken

The work for this project went through three phases:

  • Planning: I established goals, a budget, schedule, and created a proposal.
  • Research: I interviewed potential end users about their needs and wants.
  • Design and Testing: I created and iterated designs based on the research conducted.


These are the results from the three phases:

  • Research Findings: A few of the findings from the initial research included wanting a simple interface, the use of calendars, and wanting to have all their scheduling information in one place.
  • Persona: Based off the information gathered, I created the persona ‘Mike.’
Mike Persona
  • User Journeys: I created a simple workflow to illustrate how the app could be used.
  • Prototypes: Using the research conducted and the persona, I created wireframes that I printed out to use as paper prototypes.
  • Final Iterations: From the testing that took place, I created some glossies to serve as my vision of what the app should look like.
Final Iteration

What I Learned

As my first UX project, I learned about the process from beginning to near the end. I learned about user interviews, creating personas, and creating wireframes, and testing them. It was a valuable first project in that regard.